Monday, March 4, 2013

Still Here

Just a quick word to remind you all that I'm still here, and to bring up a few things.

1) I have disabled commenting on this blog, mostly because the only comments I received (aside from about 5 comments from real people) were spam, and I don't want to waste precious time deleting spam.

2) Class is still off an no plans are in place to start them up again yet. If, however, you are interested in private lessons I am open! Email me ( for info on that.

3) Book 7 is out! This is the latest book in the CMAC Goju Budo system started by Sensei Chet Dixon and concludes the required material for shodan. For those who don't already know, I contributed to Book 5 and 6 and have been named as co-author of Book 7.

The book is available through  Alternatively you can contact me at and I can make the proper arrangements.


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